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Question   Your art
Your photowork is exquisite. I love the macaws, but the humor in some of your photographs of the birds and animals adds a particular charm to the picture. Congratulations on your willingness to get out there and take these wonderful photographs and for your patience to get just the right shot up close and personal. Also, your artwork is can almost feel the animals fur!

- Sharon Sanders October 13, 2014

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Question   My print
I'm so happy with my purchase. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your talent with us. My print is fantastic.
Janet Seline

- Janet Seline March 08, 2012

  Answer Glad you are pleased, Janet. Thank you so much for your support!

- Mary T. Lebrato  March 08, 2012

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Question   Just Beautiful
Just stopping in to say how much I appreciate your willingness to share your talent! Your artwork & site are just beautiful and many pieces took my breath away!

- Verity Gould May 02, 2011

  Answer You are very kind, Verity. Thank you.
I am glad that you enjoy my work!

- Mary T. Lebrato  May 14, 2011

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Question   Lovely
Hi Mary, Thanks for sharing your website with me. Truly some remarkable photos. I am four legged and feather friendly as well and the animals come off the page. It takes me to the moment in time of each photo, How do I get a print of a couple of them.
Great work, and you like it too.

- Lisa Hayes March 26, 2011

  Answer Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for taking time to look at my work. And I'm really delighted that you like it. I would be glad to make some prints or notecards of whatever photos you might like. Just let me know, (I still have to get the payment thing set up but I have been travelling quite a bit and . . .)
Anyway, I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

- Mary T. Lebrato  April 13, 2011

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Question   beautiful images!!!
Mary, thanks so much for sharing this site with me, amazing amazing amazing. nice to see you work.

I will check back often for more..

- Heather Stigen February 14, 2011

  Answer Heather,
So glad you enjoy my work. (Although it doesn't really seem like work to me.)
I appreciate your kind words!

- Mary T. Lebrato  February 15, 2011

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Question   Love Your Work
Love your work, Mary. I love the energy and spirit that you capture in your photos and your pastel work.

- Mari Dreamwalker December 13, 2010

  Answer Thank you, Mari. I appreciate your energy and spirit as well!

- Mary T. Lebrato  December 13, 2010

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Question   Love the site and your work!
Mary; Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent in your art. You have captured your friends and the animals that have crossed your path, in an amazing way, giving us a glimpse of the soul through their eyes. I also like the fact that you don't choose the easy angles to do your art work from, also a challenge. But for those with a true gift- you make it look effortless! Even your buildings come alive! Thanks again , it has been a true pleasure- will look forward to seeing more of your work soon!

- Amy Harte November 28, 2010

  Answer Amy,
WOW- your words bring a smile to my soul. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my work.
I will soon have some of my views of Hawaii and Paris to share.

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 29, 2010

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Question   Very nice...
You have some beautiful pieces here. Thank you for sharing with me.

- Lorraine Liberty November 19, 2010

  Answer Thank you, Lorraine. I appreciate your kind words.

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 20, 2010

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Question   Beautiful slide shows
I have been in Davis all day with Lili and was only just now able to log on and see your wonderful work. All of the photos capture the essence of the animals. I truly enjoyed traveling your site.

- Lynne Gold November 04, 2010

  Answer Thank you so much, Lynne. Hope Lili is doing better!

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 04, 2010

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Question   Great website, artwork
This is a wonderful, integrated website and I want to see more! Your photos and artwork ARE very "up close," intimate. And the unique editing really impacts. Thanks so much for sharing it/you with us.

- peggy Lingard November 04, 2010

  Answer Peggy,
Thank you for your kind words and your time and energy to look at the site. I appreciate it enormously!

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 04, 2010

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Question   Your love of animals shows in your work!
What a great website. You are a very talented photographer and artist. I look forward to seeing more and more beauty through your work.

- alberta lane November 04, 2010

  Answer Alberta,
I'm so glad you like it. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 04, 2010

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Question   Hello
Love the music, it's a nice additive! Your pictures do capture the soul, not just of the subject but of the world!

- Jean Faenza November 04, 2010

  Answer Thank you! Your kind words are greatly appreciated!

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 04, 2010

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Question   Hey best friend forever, BFF
Love it.....keep it up when you get your new camera. Your heart is where it is at!


- Jean Faenza November 02, 2010

  Answer Thank you for all of your wonderful support in so many ways . . .

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 02, 2010

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Question   More please
Great photos. I am impressed. May we see more?

- Pat Yonaitis November 02, 2010

  Answer You are sweet - i'm uploading more as we speak. : )

- Mary T. Lebrato  November 02, 2010

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